Experienced swing dancers combine some of the different styles listed below into their dances.  Just as jazz music changes emotions and feeling through the song, dancers change styles within a single song.  By getting familiar with these styles, swing dancing becomes more of a fun form of expression and less about isolated moves and patterns.  See other dance styles towards the bottom of this page!


Intro to swing Performance series

Learn the basics of Lindy-Charleston, 8-Count Lindy Hop, and Jazz movement in this intro to swing class.  We'll use performance skills to strengthen your quality of movement so that you LOOK and FEEL like a hot shot dancer!


Musicality (COMING in November!!)

Want to do more with your dance than repeating the moves you learned in class?  This is a fun way to express yourself on the dance floor.  Make the dance more fun and memorable for you and your partner!


6-count Jitterbug

Sometimes called single-step swing, this is the style you’ll use for the rest of your life.  Each month will have a new theme to play with, keeping your interest (and feet) going on the dance floor.


Intermediate/Advanced Jitterbug

Ready to add fun patterns to your current Jitterbug repertoire?  Be ready to step outside the normal 6-count swing patterns you know and play with some rhythms and turns.



Lindy-Charleston is a high-energy dance that is a great addition to other types of swing dances.  A wonderful option for dancing to faster music, Charleston kicks and turns are a fun way to get around the dance floor.


6-count Lindy Hop

Using 6-counts for Lindy Hop is a great introduction to Lindy Hop.  The patterns bridge 6-count Jitterbug and Lindy Hop with a special flair that dancers choose to incorporate into their swing dances. 


8-count Lindy Hop

Classic Lindy Hop immortalized big band swing dancing with its signature style and movement.  This style of dance will have you impressing your friends in a short time.

Cha Cha

Have fun with the flirty Cha Cha as you taste those Latin rhythms.  We'll break down fun basic patterns that will take you quickly to the dance floor.  This basic dance is one that every dancer wants to have ready for the when the music plays.



Glide into the wonderful world of ballroom.  Every dancer remembers their first waltz, whether it be for a wedding or special night out.  Join us for these magical classes and see why everyone asks that special someone to save the last waltz for her!



Vintage Polka can be a beautiful dance that expresses grace and elegance.  Travel back with us as we learn the choreography for the Bohemian National Polka, and other dance moves that can be taken to the social dance floor.  Performance opportunities available.


Michael Jackson's Thriller

Learn this iconic dance in time for Halloween.  Considered to be a dance that being awkward is a plus, join in the sensation that everyone wants to try.

We will complete the choreography in time for anyone interested in joining in on the global, simultaneous dance event held on Oct 29th.