Change your shirt, please!

Dancing is a healthy exercise.  And because we are moving, our body generates sweat.  No surprise, right?

Then be respectful to your partner and the other dancers.  This means changing your shirt, wearing or bringing extra deodorant, or at least bringing a dance towel for drying.  Ladies--this means you too (you might not be able to change your dress, but there are other ways to help stay dry).

We can't stop sweat from forming--it's healthy and a good way to cool off, but do you really think your partner doesn't notice?  While you don't have to stop mid-dance to towel off, just be aware and considerate of how you can minimize the sweat transfer when you can.  Your partners will appreciate the effort!

Who is Ready to Celebrate?

In searching the night for the "perfect dance partner," I prefer a different frame of mind--how about, "all of the dances are going to be wonderful!  Who do I get to dance with first?"

Armed with an open mind and spirit, my dances come across as an invitation to other rather than imposing an expectation.

The next time you go out to a dance, try thinking of the evening as a celebration.  If you are alone, just think about all the others who are there alone who would appreciate a smile or a kind word from someone as wonderful as you.  Raise a glass and have a dance!